Image mosaicking, clipping, reprojecting and exporting as tiff to Drive using GEE.

Image mosaic is a technique that combines several images with overlapping parts (the images may be obtained at different times, different viewing angles or by different sensors) into a large-scale seamless high-resolution image.Clipping is basically editing the image to the area of interest, while re projecting is changing the coordinates to fit the AOI.

I will show you how to perform these procedures using Google earth engine .

// Imports
var s2toa = ee.ImageCollection("COPERNICUS/S2"),
geometry =
/* color: #d63000 */
/* shown: false */
/* displayProperties: [
"type": "rectangle"
] */
[[[0.7157895807873604, 49.2914621860271],
[0.7157895807873604, 47.7784732314115],
[4.31930520578736, 47.7784732314115],
[4.31930520578736, 49.2914621860271]]], null, false);
// Create a geometry representing an export region.Map.centerObject(geometry);var s2 = s2toa.filterDate('2020-04-01', '2020-06-25')
var image = s2.mosaic().select('B1','B2','B3','B4','B5','B6','B7','B8','B8A','B9','B10','B11','B12');
var vizParams = {'bands': 'B8,B4,B3', 'min': 0, 'max': 4000};
Map.addLayer(image.clip(geometry), vizParams);
var reprojected = image.clip(geometry)
.reproject('EPSG:32632', null, 10);
//Export image to tiff
image: reprojected,
description: 's2_UTM',
scale: 10,
maxPixels: 6000000000

This should be the end result

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